2017 Toyota Corolla iM Brooklyn, NY

Come down to Island Toyota near Brooklyn, NY to test drive the 2017 Toyota Corolla iM. With Corolla iM’s available Display Audio with Navigation, you’ll never miss a beat. Its standard AM/FM radio, Aha Radio app with over 100,000 stations, iPod connectivity and six speakers give you the tunes to make every drive more memorable. And thanks to the standard high-resolution 7-inch touch-screen, this system makes it easy to find your way. More music. Easier phone calls. No wires. Integrated Bluetooth technology lets you take calls from friends and stream your entire music library without ever needing to take your phone out of your pocket. And when you actually do need to plug in, Corolla iM’s standard USB port helps you power up and still access all the fun. Corolla iM’s steering wheel controls put your music and more right at your fingertips. With its advanced voice recognition technology, you can access the info you need just by talking. It’s easy to use: Just press the button on the steering wheel, speak one of the supported commands, and you’re done.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla iM is filled with amazing safety features that are a part of the Standard Toyota Safety Sense C. The Pre-Collision System helps you to avoid a potential frontal collision in certain situations by alerting you with audible and visual warnings, and automatically activating brake assistance. If you do not apply the brakes the system determines a collision with another vehicle is very probable, the system may automatically apply the brakes, reducing speed in order to help you avoid a collision or reduce the impact. Lane Departure Alert is designed to help you stay in your lane and keep you safe from harm. Using a specialized camera, the system can detect the visible painted lane markings on the road and will alert you if you start to drift out of your lane. In addition, an audible beeping sound and indicator light on the instrument panel will flash so that you can then take corrective action. The Automatic High Beam system allows for enhanced visibility, helping to make nighttime driving safe. Using a camera to detect an oncoming vehicle’s headlights, Automatic High Beams can switch between high and low beams for you.