How Often Should I Get My Toyota Brakes Serviced?

July 16th, 2019 by

Brake service, like other kinds of service for your car, has a rule of thumb for how often it is to be performed. But, that’s just a rule of thumb, an estimate. Many factors affect how often the brake servicing interval is, or how long between services. Those conditions include driving conditions, your driving habits, what kinds of brakes you have (drum or disc), and the quality of the parts in your brake system. That said, some of those factors will be discussed below.

Toyota TRD Brakes

Driving Conditions

Driving conditions are a primary factor affecting the time between brake services. Simply put, if you have heavy traffic, especially stop-and-go, you’re going to be constantly hitting the brakes. That’s going to wear out brake pads quickly. And, if you happen to drive routinely in areas where there are numerous, aggressive drivers (like expressways around big cities), you’ll use your brake pedal a lot, for defensive driving.

Also, do you drive in areas where there are lots of hills, especially steep ones (San Francisco, maybe)? Then lots of braking on the way down those hills will wear out your brakes quickly. For areas of the country that have real winters, with ice and snow, overcautious driving with frequent braking will cause excessive wear. Cold weather will also cause quicker wear on brake pads and rotors than warm weather.

Driving Habits

Much of someone’s driving habits center on their personality. Aggressive drivers do a lot of braking, after accelerating hard to get up to speed, sudden lane changes or exits, or beating traffic lights. The other extreme is someone who drives while just touching the brake pedal with the other foot, just barely engaging the brakes. Nervous drivers who brake too often will also have high wear on their brake system components.

Parts Quality

The lower quality the parts, the shorter lifespan they will have. Very low-quality parts can fail, and cause accidents. Don’t buy “knock-offs” because they’re cheaper, get original equipment manufacturer parts, or parts with the same name brand as your vehicle.

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