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At Island Toyota, we understand the love you have for your new or preowned Toyota. It takes care of you, day in and day out, and you’d like to return the favor. Toyota is unconditionally devoted to safety, dependability, and proper vehicle maintenance. And maintaining your Toyota shouldn’t take up more of your valuable time than is necessary. That’s why we are proud to offer Toyota Express Maintenance – giving your Toyota everything it needs and allowing you to quickly hit the road with confidence.

Your Toyota is a superior machine. When dealing with a superior machine, accuracy and superior service are critical. With proper maintenance and care, your Toyota will be able to perform dependably and efficiently – for longer. Regular service with Toyota Express Maintenance allows you obtain the highest level of performance, safety, and reliability from your Toyota. Take a look at what Toyota Express Maintenance offers.

Oil and Filter Change

Oil is the lifeblood of your Toyota. Fuel economy can be improved by as much as 1 to 2 percent by using the proper grade of motor oil. Toyota Express Maintenance will drain and refill your oil and replace the filter with a Genuine OEM Approved oil filter.

Brake Inspection

Your Toyota’s brake system is critically important. Keep your brakes healthy with routine maintenance as outlined in your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Toyota Express Maintenance includes a thorough brake inspection to ensure that your brake pad thickness is at a safe level.

Tire Rotation

Your Toyota’s tires directly influence handling and performance, and can be one of the most common causes of poor fuel economy. Tire rotation extends the life of your tires and allows the tread to wear evenly. Toyota Express Maintenance also checks your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which detects changes in tire pressure. When your tires are inflated properly, they last much longer and help improve the vehicle’s gas mileage. A decrease in four tires’ pressure by just one pound per square inch results in decreased fuel economy by as much as 0.3 percent.

Fluid Inspection

Toyota Express Maintenance’s Multipoint Inspection will check all your vehicle’s critical fluids and replenish them at no extra charge. Fluids checked include coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

Toyota Express Maintenance gives you the peace of mind you deserve without the waiting room time that you don’t. Schedule your Toyota service with Island Toyota today!

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