New 2020 Toyota C-HR

If you are in the market for a new SUV that is as unique and eccentric as your personality, then the 2020 Toyota C-HR might just be the perfect choice. While it has the sleek and stylish appearance of a two-door coupe SUV (hence the name Coupe-High Rise), its rear doors are cleverly concealed at first glance. This is just one of the many design quirks of the all new C-HR.

There are three options as far as models and trim levels go. The LE, XLE, and Limited all bring their own interpretation and features to the party. The color options are much more numerous, with a total of twelve different shades or schemes to choose from. Solid colors such as Blizzard Pearl and Blue Eclipse Metallic seem to be very popular, while two tone options like Supersonic Red/R-Code Black and Black Sand Pearl/R-Code Silver also get a lot of attention from consumers.

Both the interior and exterior offer their own flare in design and quality. The distinctive build and innovative door placement are two of the most commonly mentioned aspects of the all new 2020 C-HR in automotive reports and in casual conversation. The sharp interior provides both space and style.

Toyota Safety Sense comes standard on all models, meaning that while you are out on the roads becoming the envy and topic of discussion for others, you are doing it in a safe and secure manner. Surely that played a part in the NHTSA’s decision to give it a 5-star rating for overall safety.

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