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Toyota is a manufacturer that stands at the top of the automotive food chain. Rising from the ashes of the Second World War, Toyota quickly rose through the ranks by providing high-quality automobiles that demonstrated dependability and quality.

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The breadth and range of vehicles on offer from Toyota are staggering, but we have compiled a list of top Toyota options below. Rest assured that each and every Toyota vehicle is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to quality and excellence.


Crossovers have been a popular and growing segment for the past several years and Toyota has several vehicles that fit the bill. From the small and affordable C-HR, which boasts aggressive and sporty styling, to the renowned RAV4 and its recreational utility features, Toyota’s compact crossovers manage to pack many options into a small frame. On the larger side of the crossover, category stands the Highlander. Technically a midsize crossover, the Highlander features more cabin space and features, along with bold styling and hybrid options. The Highlander is ideal for drivers that want crossover versatility but a little more room.


Toyota features quite a few big names in this category, including the long-standing 4Runner. A rugged vehicle with a rough-and-tumble design, the 4Runner is designed with off-roading in mind. At the next level, for those with true adventure in their hearts, the Land Cruiser fits the bill. Some form of the Land Cruiser has been in production for over 60 years and its off-road capabilities are legendary. Finally, last but not least, there is the Toyota Sequoia. Designed squarely for on-road usage, the Sequoia is an attractive utility-minded vehicle that nonetheless sports contemporary amenities and cabin features.


Toyota has made a name for itself with trucks in recent years. The ever-popular Tacoma has proven a big hit with off-roaders and it boasts the greatest resale value of any vehicle in the United States. For those with a need for less adventure and more power, the Tundra offers exceptional build quality and capability.


Toyota sedans are staples on the road today, offering drivers years of reliable service and comfortable driving in all conditions. The Toyota Corolla, a compact sedan that has been in the stable since 1966, is entering its 12th generation with the 2020 model. For drivers that need the absolute minimum out of a vehicle, but still, want it to be enjoyable, Toyota offers the Yaris subcompact. One of the most affordable vehicles on the market today, the Yaris offers exceptional quality and comfort for its asking price.


Toyota set the stage for the electric revolution when it debuted the hybrid Prius in the late 90s. Revolutionary for its time, the Prius is now entering its fourth generation and still sets the bar by which other hybrids are judged. A new plug-in variant, the Prius Prime, offers exceptional versatility with a combined 54 mpg hybrid drivetrain and a 25-mile all-electric range.

No matter what your particular needs, it’s clear that Toyota has you covered. Offering exceptional quality and value with each and every model, Toyota continues to define the automotive world.

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