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February 19th, 2016 by

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If you have a new or used Toyota, you probably want to know how to save on fuel and how to take care of your investment. We have compiled a few tips for you to make your investment last.

The first tip is on fuel economy. If you haven’t bought a vehicle yet, you can choose one that already has excellent fuel economy, but if you already have a vehicle, one thing you can do is drive safety. When you speed and then brake quickly, fuel is wasted and it can significantly lower your gas mileage, especially when you are driving on the highway. Another thing to do is to check your tires and make sure they are properly inflated. If they have too much air or not enough air, it can slow down the car and also put more wear and tear on the tires. The last tip to get better gas mileage is to only store items in your vehicle that are necessary. Extra weight weighs down the vehicle and requires more power and gas.


It is important to maintain your vehicle according to the factory maintenance schedule. This ensures that all the parts of your vehicle are checked and are in working order. One thing that is essential to maintaining your vehicle is regular oil changes with the correct oil. You will find the type of recommended oil in your owner’s manual. If you are using oil that is not recommended for your vehicle it can lower your gas mileage. Another thing to do is to change the air filter on your vehicle. If it is clogged, it can reduce gas mileage by almost 14 percent. You should also make sure that when you do need a part replaced, you use the Toyota parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle.

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